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Geri-Fit® (for older adults) with Francesca Fisher (DVD)

Don't get older, get stronger in this medically-approved strength training DVD for older adults.


The First Workout DVD with Weights for Older Adults

A total strength and flexibility workout that concentrates on regaining lost strength, increasing bone density, and making you feel younger.

Don't get older, get stronger in this medically-approved strength training workout DVD for older adults. This DVD is perfect if you are an older adult age 55 or over. Or, if you have an elderly parent or grandparent that is losing strength and flexibility because of aging, or has arthritis or osteoporosis, this would make an ideal gift.

The first workout with weights for older adults was developed with the help of geriatrician, Dr. Martin J. Gorbien, formerly of the Cleveland Clinic Foundation. This DVD features fitness expert Francesca Fisher and four of her students ranging in age from 50 to 72. Ms. Fisher's exercise programs have been offered at over 200 locations in Ohio, and her business is now on its 21st year. Her company was chosen as one of the Top 10 women owned businesses in northeast Ohio. This is one of several videos and DVD's she has starred in and produced.

A set of 2-pound dumbbells (each), a towel or Stretch Band, and an exercise mat are needed. These items are sold separately on our website, or you can use your own. Just place the DVD in your player and start regaining lost strength. This workout is completely portable so, once you are familiar with the routine, you can take your weights and band and exercise just about anywhere.

Geri-Fit® is a 45-minute weight training workout that increases strength in the elderly aiding in independence and improved arthritic conditions. The video requires just a set of 2-pound (each) dumbbells. The exercises may be performed seated in a chair, if needed. So, if you are disabled, handicapped, or confined to a wheelchair, this workout can still be performed.

This DVD is highly recommended if you are younger than 55, and have more than 50 pounds to lose. This DVD will at least get you moving and help you to use up those extra calories. Burn fat and increase lean muscle tissue just by working out with weights. In no time at all, you'll notice your clothes are fitting looser and you'll see the pounds disappear. Stick with it until you are ready to graduate to the next level, Weights I® - our beginner strength training workout for adults.

If you have not exercised in years, or have been injured either through a fall or car accident, this DVD is recommended for those just starting back, or those that have been released from physical therapy and need to start an exercise program. We'll take it slow in the beginning so that you are able to keep up and, since we use chairs, feel free to sit out a set or two until you have built back enough strength and endurance to get through the workout.

This is a strength training DVD where NO AEROBICS are used. All the exercises have been modified to adapt to the needs of the elderly. Superimposed graphics will explain and depict how each exercise is performed before they are actually performed on the DVD. You'll appreciate the filmed-at-one-time-setting so that when you see that we can do it, you know that YOU can do it.

The methods utilized in this DVD produce unsurpassed results if done on a consistent basis of two to three-time-a-week. An increase of 800% in strength can be seen in as little as three months if this workout tape is done faithfully. Range of motion and arthritic conditions will greatly improve in a few short weeks.

More info:

  • Title: Geri-Fit® - the First Workout with Weights for Older Adults
  • Fitness Level: Beginner to Intermediate
  • Exercise Time: 49 minutes
    • Warm-up stretches: 7 minutes
    • Strength training: 31 minutes
    • Abdominal and chest segment: 8 minutes
    • Cool down stretch: 3 minutes
  • Impact: No Impact, no jumping, no dancing
  • Weight training choreography: Basic level
  • Equipment needed:
    • A set of 2-pound dumbbells (each)
    • A towel or Stretch Band (for stretches)
    • An exercise towel or mat to lay on during chest and abdominal portions
    • A water bottle
  • Video Comparison: There is no other strength training DVD for older adults that is currently on the market. Filmed in "real time" taking no breaks to powder our noses or touch up our hairdos. Light background music used. Highly instructional.

    For best results, use this workout until you have built up enough strength to graduate to our other fitness videos: WEIGHTS® I - the Ultimate Body Sculpting™ workout for beginners, WEIGHTS® II- the intermediate Body Sculpting™ weight training workout, WEIGHTS® III- the advanced circuit, and Just Legs®- two, 30-minute thigh, glutes, and hip shaping workouts. Supplement any of these videos, or use as a workout by itself, with PHENOMENAL ABDOMINALS®- a 30-minute workout for the upper, lower and sides of the waist. All of these workout videos and DVD's are medically approved and doctor-recommended.

    Geri-Fit® is guaranteed to be your "fountain of youth".

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