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Weights II (intermediate) with Francesca Fisher (DVD)

Francesca Fisher will lead you through this intermediate level Body Sculpting workout. This is our best-selling video and is just like our Body Sculpting classes.

Body Sculpting Weights II

The Intermediate Workout with Weights

A total body strength training workout that concentrates on shaping your muscles, preventing osteoporosis, and making you look younger, more energetic, and healthy.

Lose weight, tighten your body, and prevent osteoporosis in this one-hour all weights exercise video. This is a challenging workout with very little verbal explanation of the weight training exercises used in the format. You should be very familiar with weight training if you expect to keep up with this workout (meaning you should know how to do Wide Stance Squats, Upright Rows, One-Arm Triceps Extensions, Lateral Raises, and Deadlifts -- just to name a few of the over 25 exercises used on this video).

Each body part is fully worked out with 10 full sets of weight/strength training exercises ranging from 10-15 repetitions each. Francesca Fisher, owner of Body Sculpting by Exterior Designs, Inc., the largest fitness company in Ohio, leads this video. It features light piano music in the background and exceptional cueing so you are prepared for the next exercise set. Gentle reminders are mentioned throughout the video to help you keep excellent form.

No hydrants, doggie leg lifts, steps, bands, or boring exercises used in this tape. This workout is cardiovascular based on the resting time between sets and the amount of weight you use. You will definitely be working out within your 60-85% target heart range without dancing, running, jumping, or jazzing.

Start out with a pre-stretch warm-up, followed by entire body stretches to fully prepare your body for the workout. Then it's time for back and shoulders with exercises designed to increase strength, but won't leave you big and bulky.

Next comes the leg routine that's guaranteed to leave you sore the next two days... and ALL exercises are done with a set of dumbbells - no ankle weights, steps, tubes, or kicking like other exercise videos.

A full abdominal workout follows concentrating on the upper, lower, and sides of the waist. These exercises will also help lower back conditions such as sciatica, arthritis, and degenerative disc problems.

Lastly, your arms will look fabulous in those sleeveless fashions after doing triceps and biceps exercises designed to define and delineate the muscle groups. A final cool down stretch completes this one-hour workout.

When you have finished, you will feel invigorated, refreshed, and energized. You'll know that you are one step closer to reaching your health and fitness goal, and you will be proud of yourself for staying on your exercise regime. Your body will definitely "feel" it has been worked out completely! Results CAN and WILL be seen after each workout, but please allow a full 48-hours between workouts.

This workout can also be done by men, but the best part for ladies is that it can prevent osteoporosis if done faithfully. New studies have shown that osteoporosis can be halted and even reversed by working out with weights. Obviously, the earlier you start, the better, however, any age can benefit.

This video tape is highly recommended for those that have been in a motor vehicle accident, or sufferered another form of injury in the past, or have chronic pain in their back or neck, or experience debilitating arthritis. The sense of well-being you will experience AFTER you work out will have you hooked after the first time you do this tape. The endorphins your body will release will decrease your pain level by as much as half, and you will find you will be able to get around easier on a day-to-day basis if you faithfully do this workout two to three-times-a-week.

This video is completely portable and only requires a set of 5-pound dumbbells each (you may use heavier weights or a barbell, if desired). Use it at the office, at the gym, in your living room, or wherever you want a personalized workout.

Very similar to the Firm's exercise series except no combination exercises are used (we want you to concentrate on the muscle group being worked so that maximum results are derived from each exercise session). Most people consider this harder than anything the Firm has produced to date. You be the judge. Ask your friends to join you or just engage in a personal fitness training session.

More info:

  • Title: WEIGHTS II - the intermediate Body Sculpting workout
  • Fitness Level: Intermediate to Advanced
  • Exercise Time: One hour
    • Warm-up stretches: 7 minutes
    • Strength training for 42 minutes
    • Abdominal and chest segment: 8 minutes
    • Cool down stretch: 3 minutes
  • Impact: No Impact, no jumping
  • Weight training choreography: Basic knowledge of weight training required
  • Equipment needed:
    • A set of 5 or 7-pound dumbbells (each), or barbell, if desired
    • A towel or stretch band (for stretches)
    • An exercise towel or mat to lay on during chest and abdominal portions
    • A water bottle
  • Video Comparison: Similar to The Firm, but no combination exercises are used. (Firm devotees have found Body Sculpting by Exterior Designs, Inc.'s workout videos superior to The Firm's). Filmed in a more realistic setting at one time taking no breaks. When we sweat, you'll sweat! Light background music used. Highly instructional. Comes in a plain, white sleeve.
  • For best results, use this workout with WEIGHTS III- the advanced circuit and/or JUST LEGS- two, 30-minute thigh, glutes, and hip shaping workouts. Supplement any of these videos, or use as a workout by itself, with PHENOMENAL ABDOMINALS- an intense, 30-minute workout for the upper, lower and sides of the waist. If you are a senior, it's never too late to get in shape with Geri-Fit - the First Workout with Weights for Older Adults. If you have never lifted weights before, or don't know how to do a Lunge, Squat, Triceps Extension, or Dumbbell Row with perfect form, learn the basics of strength training with the beginner tape, WEIGHTS I - the Ultimate Body Sculpting workout. And, don't forget our newest workout for all of you that love stretching: Stretch This on DVD incorporates all the best stretches from pilates, yoga, tai chi and ballet and wraps it all into one, 30-minute workout! All of these workout videos are medically approved and doctor-recommended. For more information on strength training and strength training products, visit the website

    If you currently exercise using the Body Sculpting Circuit fitness videos, this video would make a wonderful addition to your current exercise training. We recommend Weights II to be coupled with Weights III for optimum health and superior results.

    No doubt, our best selling video. You be the judge! Enjoy!

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