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Weights® III (advanced) with Francesca Fisher (DVD)

Our group of instructors are guaranteed to get your thighs down to size in this circuit strength training workout. This is the most challenging workout video we offer.

Body Sculpting Weights® III

The Advanced Circuit Strength Training Workout with Weights

A total body strength training workout that concentrates on shaping your muscles, preventing osteoporosis, and making you look younger.

Find out how to look 10-15 years younger just by working out with weights. Fight the effects of gravity and prevent osteoporosis in this one-hour circuit strength training workout video. You'll feel more energized and healthier each time you work out!

THIS IS NOT A BEGINNER VIDEO and is suggested for the moderate to advanced strength training participant. You should be very familiar with weight training and be regularly working out with at least 7-pound dumbbells (each) or a barbell.

Here's a preview of some of the exercises used in this video: Slow Motion Squats, Negative Lateral Raises, Isometric Knee-Ins and Pulses (for lower abdominals), Pyramid Pushups, and Reverse Kickbacks. The repetitions will be performed at a slower pace to allow for as heavy of a weight as you may want to use.

Some of the exercises used in this video have never been seen before in other videos, and there is no other video like this currently available on the market. FIRM video users tell us this is the best video they have ever tried. You'll appreciate the filmed-at-one-time-setting so that when you see that we can do it, you know that YOU can do it. If we sweat, you know that you'll sweat! Read what other people are saying about Weights® III (sold nationally). .

The methods utilized in this video produce unsurpassed results if done on a consistent basis of two to three-time-a-week. Supersets and giant sets make up the format of each circuit. While one muscle group is recovering from the circuit exercises, a new body part will be worked on until it reaches momentary fatigue. The upper and lower body circuits shift every four to five minutes to allow for maximum recovery time. As soon as your muscles have rested long enough, they'll be reworked with new exercises, or exercise variations. This keeps the workout lively and interesting and, in no time at all, you'll be done!

No combination exercises will be used such as Lunges coupled with Biceps Curls, or Squats with Overhead Presses, as seen in other exercise videos. This defeats the principles of weight training! In order to achieve maximum results, you must CONCENTRATE on the muscle group being worked on. You must VISUALIZE it working, getting stronger, and sleeker. This creative imagery process and muscle isolation will work together so that results will be seen three times faster than anything you have ever tried before!

In Weights® III, your muscles will be hit at every angle to give you the results you've always wanted. If you have an inner thigh problem, imagine it GONE! If your hips are wide at the sides, watch them vanish each time you work out! If you just can't seem to lose those last 10 pounds no matter what you do, watch the weight melt away. This workout definitely WORKS!

Even if you think you are in great shape, think twice before doing this video with your current dumbbell or barbell weight. We recommend starting this video using a set of 5-pound dumbbells, even though you may be currently using a heavy barbell to exercise with. Since your muscles have never been worked out before in this fashion, YOU WILL BE SORE! If you use your current workout weight, you may need to use the handicapped bathrooms for the next four days (just remember.... we warned you!). Once you have gone through the initial workout, you are welcome to use whatever weights you want.

Francesca Gern, owner of Body Sculpting by Exterior Designs, Inc.®, and four of her students ranging in age from age 20 to 55, perform the Weights® III workout. Over 25,000 clients participate in Body Sculpting™ classes held at over 200 locations in Ohio each year. For more information on strength training and strength training products, visit Body Sculpting's website

More info:

  • Title: WEIGHTS® III - the advanced Circuit Body Sculpting™ workout
  • Fitness Level: Intermediate to Advanced
  • Exercise Time: One hour, 7 minutes
    • Warm-up stretches: 7 minutes
    • Strength training for 49 minutes
    • Abdominal and chest segment: 8 minutes
    • Cool down stretch: 3 minutes
  • Impact: No Impact, no jumping
  • Weight training choreography: Three months of basic strength training required
  • Equipment needed:
    • A set of 5 or 7-pound dumbbells (each), or barbell, if desired
    • A towel or stretch band (for stretches)
    • An exercise towel or mat to lay on during chest and abdominal portions
    • A water bottle
  • Video Comparison: Similar to The Firm, but no combination exercises are used. (Firm devotees have found Body Sculpting by Exterior Designs Inc.®'s workout videos superior to The Firm's). Filmed in "real time" taking no breaks to powder our noses or touch up our hairdos. Light background music used. Highly instructional. Professionally packaged and shrinkwrapped.

    For best results, use this workout with WEIGHTS® II-the intermediate Body Sculpting™ weight training workout, and/or JUST LEGS®- two, 30-minute thigh, glutes, and hip shaping workouts. Supplement any of these videos, or use as a workout by itself, with PHENOMENAL ABDOMINALS®- an intense, 30-minute workout for the upper, lower and sides of the waist, or get totally prepared for your workout by thoroughly stretching with STRETCH THIS® -- our new 30-minute stretching DVD. If you are a senior, it's never too late to get in shape with Geri-Fit®- the First Workout with Weights for Older Adults. If you have never lifted weights before, or don't know how to do a Lunge, Squat, Triceps Extension, or Dumbbell Row with perfect form, learn the basics of strength training with the beginner tape, WEIGHTS® I - the Ultimate Body Sculpting™ workout. All of these workout videos are medically approved and doctor-recommended.

    If you currently exercise using the Body Sculpting by Exterior Designs Inc.®'s fitness videos, this video would make a wonderful accompaniment to your current exercise training. Ask your friends to join you or just engage in a personal fitness training session with Francesca.

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